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Beaches in Long Island, NY

Though tourists always talk about the beaches in Florida and California, people don't always realize that New York has gorgeous beaches too. In fact, Long Island is 120 miles long, so you should be able to find the perfect beach somewhere on its coasts. The north shore of the island is filled with

The Harbor Rose is minutes away from some of the best beaches in the country, which each offer their own flair and features to enjoy. Small walking villages layer the coasts, meaning you'll find something to look at and enjoy near any of these beaches. Remember to bring some sandals or swim shoes--the beaches can get rocky!
Gold Star Beach Park
2.9 miles from property

This is one of the more traditional beaches in the area, and is a short ten minutes away from the B&B's front door. Gold Star Beach offers the perfect beach day for those wanting to sail into the open waters from Knutson Marine. Hobbyist fisherman congregate here for sport as well. It also has small parks for children, making it ideal for families.
Crab Meadow Beach
8.6 miles from property

Further down Long Island, you'll find Crab Meadow Beach near Huntington, NY. This is completely different from the Huntington Beach people know from the west, as this one is much smaller and a bit rockier than westerners might expect. There are also other activities nearby you can experience to diversify your beaching experience.

If you don't want to bring your own food, La Casa Cafe offers traditional Mexican food at an affordable price. You can also visit the Memorial Wetland Preserve if you want a chance to explore the nature of Long Island.
Lloyd Neck Beach
5.8 miles from property

Looking for peace and quiet? You're in luck! Lloyd Neck Beach offers a calm, contemplative look at the beach that you can enjoy relaxing in front of. This beach is hardly ever crowded.

One reason for this is that typically only locals visit this beach, making it a comfortable place to retreat to if you've been in a "tourist city". According to many Google Reviewers, this beach has the best sunset view of any on the island.
Charles E. Ransom
2.15 miles from property

The Charles E. Ransom Beach is certainly smaller than most of the others previously mentioned. However, it offers the most diverse array of activities to enjoy throughout the year. For starters, you have a couple of food options to choose from. Cantina Bay Mexican offers a gorgeous seaside view and high-class Mexican food. Talentis Delicatessen serves sandwiches, paninis, and subs for lunch.

Bayville Park can also leave you screaming with excitement. While normally it is just a water park, there are also holiday events for Christmas and Halloween you should keep on your calendar for a fun-filled experience.
Jones Beach State Park
18.47 miles from property

This is the furthest beach away from The Harbor Rose, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth the drive. Lying at the south end of Long Island is the largest tourist beach around. Not only is the beach much larger than most of the others on the island, but it offers an array of tourist attractions and activities to enjoy.

Head to Tobay Beach Spray Park for some watery fun! Watch an air show overhead as you tan under the sunlight. Head to the Jones Beach Theater for live concerts and other shows throughout the summer—who knows, you may see a celebrity performer!
Whether you want a quieter beach experience or a never-ending, exciting one, you don't have to leave Long Island to find it. Book here at the Harbor Rose for a centralized location that will keep you close to the Big City, but also close to the shore.